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How To Make A Forum in 10 minutes // Step by Step Tutorial!!

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Coupon Avengers Link: http://www.couponavengers.com/host-gator-coupon-codes/ Text tutorial: http://www.lovelyreality.com/create-a-forum/ This tutorial is the ultimate walkthrough on How To Make A Forum. After looking at the other tutorials that exist on youtube and with a quick google search, I noticed that they complicated things so much. In this video, I am going to show you How To Make A Forum in the simplest way possible! The great thing about video is not only that is lets me explain why I am doing what I am doing, but it also allows me to show you exactly what to do and where to click. It is much easier to follow than an article tutorial. This is another reason why I decided to make this. Ultimately, creating a forum is not that difficult. With the right hosting company, it makes installation easier than ever before. So this tutorial on How To Make A Forum speaks for itself! The reason I love phpBB, and the reason I chose it, is because it has so many customization options. You can really bring your forum to whatever customizations necessary for you. Some of us will need more than others, some us will need less than others. You can really carry it to wherever you need it. Hopefully this tutorial on How To Make A Forum was helpful to you. I really appreciate your time. I also would really appreciate it if you could forward this video to a friend if you did in fact find it helpful! All the best! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viitZNiMpy4
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Text Comments (44)
Kai The Troll (4 years ago)
Can I add Google assent ads on my website?
Tutorial Nation (4 years ago)
@Kai The Troll Yeah, you absolutely can. Just sign up for adsense, grab your code snippet, and throw it on your theme :)
Dwain Esmond (4 years ago)
Great job! This was very helpful.
PureStrategyFilms (4 years ago)
That was so creepy when he said "if you're watching in I don't know 2015..." in a 2013 video.
ChocoateSaltyBalls (4 years ago)
@Tutorial Nation it was a fast 2 years.
Tutorial Nation (4 years ago)
@PureStrategyFilms I waited 2 years for that moment... mwuahahahaha
Spoon Fork (4 years ago)
Twelve minutes!!!
Angie Drake (4 years ago)
I watch your video over and over again. I am currently creating my website and I have an account in the phpBB, but I don't see the Administration Control Panel in the bottom of the page. My question is how can I see the Administration Control Panel so that I can customize it to my liking? I surely will appreciate your help.
Angie Drake (4 years ago)
@Tutorial Nation Thank you!
Tutorial Nation (4 years ago)
@Angie Drake That's awesome and the site looks great! Good work!
Angie Drake (4 years ago)
@Tutorial Nation Hi, thanks for your reply. I finally finished my website last January - www.foreignspouse.com.  It took me a while to finish though since I am not an IT or a web designer, but I got it! Thanks anyway.  If I have future questions, I will email you since I am planning to make another website.
Tutorial Nation (4 years ago)
@ParadiseGaming What do you want to see tutorials on?  Feel free to send me an email: [email protected]
Tutorial Nation (4 years ago)
@Angie Drake Really sorry that it took so long to respond. You have to log in twice (I know, it's really weird)! Log in normal with your administrator account. Then after you log in, there will be a new link that shows up at the bottom of the page called "administrator control panel". Click on that, log in again, and BOOM you are in!
Jonah St-François (4 years ago)
Like if you're watching in 2015
Monickenish (4 years ago)
hahah! I was thinking the same thing!
Jonah St-François (4 years ago)
@VirusCrafter 5 I'm watching it in 144p, g3t 0n my 13v31 m8
silentcinderr (4 years ago)
J. P. Monge S. (5 years ago)
Great video man! Just 1 quick question, I am creating a new website and a forum will be required, how do I link the forum to my website? I mean, I want to add a button which says "Forum" so, what will be the url to be used in order for me to have it linked to the Forum itself? Thanks so much man, really appreciate all your help!
Nathan Woolf (5 years ago)
Nice vid man!
Animusmaximus (5 years ago)
I made one can I change my username I made it admin like you but I want to get too know my users more so I want a friendly username thanks for this awesome guide!
Salex Zee (5 years ago)
Thanks for this video. I was expecting this to be an extremely difficult task.
Penwick (5 years ago)
I'd love to make a forum but I think that nobody would join :( Can you give any tips
Byron Gonzalez (5 years ago)
wow great vid
Aaron Hanes (5 years ago)
Thanks man! Really awesome video! Was the first one I looked at and I glad it was! Only question is, is it going to show phpBB at the top like that when other people sign on? Or can I change that?
Tutorial Nation (5 years ago)
Pretty sure just about every forum platform is compatible. The ones you see on the screen are just the ones they have for you to easily auto-install :)
theredreceivers (5 years ago)
Are other forum platforms like XenForo compatible with HostGator?
Thiago Pereira (5 years ago)
How a person can help a lot by doing something so simple?! Be objective in what it proposes to do! TY
Tutorial Nation (5 years ago)
haha!! i am outrageously pleased!!! Have a great day!
Shifting Silver (5 years ago)
This was outrageously helpful. Thanks!
ShawnMartin31 (5 years ago)
DUDE! Thanks! Passed this on to a friend as well.
VVhyBother (6 years ago)
Is there a way to change the background for names like custom thing, meaning like and admin has fire behind it where a normal member has just blue letters.
Gamblers Gaming (6 years ago)
awsome video, thank you so much i had problems whit it.
Le Stop that man (6 years ago)
I made a forum for a old closed (do to flaming) forum that used to house the young scholars of the davidson institute of reno nevada. Thanks for giving these instructions.
Dylan Cross (6 years ago)
Very well done, do you have any videos regarding how to work the manipulation settings once the forum is made?
Tutorial Nation (6 years ago)
Very happy that you found it helpful!
Yram Hossoo (6 years ago)
Great presentation.You make me feel like just going ahead and setting uo a forum.I will go look if you have some follow ups to this tutorial. It was a time saver indeed.Thanx
The Modern Viking (6 years ago)
Ryan e (6 years ago)
Rock on
Vũ Cát Tường (6 years ago)
letomeok (6 years ago)
Perfect job.
Maverick Fps (6 years ago)
keep up the good work.
Thanh nguyen tuan (6 years ago)
thanks for the hard wok to entrain us
carbon12llc (6 years ago)
PCTutorialKing (6 years ago)
good one

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