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Jealous Guy - John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band (with the Flux Fiddlers)

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John Lennon Signature Box contains 9 Albums, all the singles, a disc of rarities & a book from Yoko, Julian & Sean. Available on Amazon: http://bit.ly/JLbox & iTunes http://bit.ly/JLboxi Video from Lennon Legend DVD: http://bit.ly/lenleg JL Videos on iTunes: http://apple.co/2hIilCu Notes from Lennon Legend DVD: A new video taken from footage of John recording "Jealous Guy" in the studio at Tittenhurst Park Studios in June 1971, and the "Jealous Guy" driving and rowing sequences (filmed on 21 July 1971) used in John & Yoko's "Imagine" film.
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Emelita Perez (1 day ago)
Nite Flyer (1 day ago)
Yoko... did you make this real..? good child... "R"
Theresa Hutson (1 day ago)
2019 still one of my favorite singers!!!!
One of my all time favourites. Very honest lyrics.
Tony Nelson (3 days ago)
Is he realy dead......
Como haces falta john, este mundo esta incompleto sin ti, vos eras un gran artista y una gran influencia y por supuesto una gran persona humilde
Carlota Hart (3 days ago)
🇵 🇦 🇵🇦 *-14/04/2019 - 05:57 p.m.-*
Jurema Santos (4 days ago)
Ah, John...
Mary Knight (4 days ago)
reminds me when I got punched in the face by my ex
Pedro Rojas (2 days ago)
Forgive him is just a jealous guy.
elizajohn5 (4 days ago)
3,6k people felt sad enough to dislike this video. They need to get help.
john scialfa (4 days ago)
for those that are all upset with my john comments...why are you so shocked....read howard kaylans book..he knew and recorded with john and yoko.i did not condemn john...why are you blind to his faults...he admitted them himself.i was responding to the person who said he was a beautiful soul....its a fact he wasnt....john treated people horrible....when he got sober...he was a different person.i love johns music.....look how he tried ripping off frank zappa...after he knocked on franks door..asking if he and yoko could play with frank and the mothers at the old fillmore east.problem if your offended....you just do not know the facts.look it up yourself.he was also an absent father to julian....and a horrible husband to cynthia...so if you wanna worship the ground he walked on do so...i could give a rats ass.
john scialfa (4 days ago)
pawelpap9......what i said was facts....anyone that knew john well...knew his dark side...till he got sober.i know many people in the music industry that knew and worked with john.read howard kaylans book.....my dinner with jimi.if you even know who howard kaylan is.
jim morgan (4 days ago)
R.I.P. John.
Me gusta. La 🎵 cancion
Me gusta. La 🎵 cancion
Me gusta. La 🎵 cancion
SLx_hopeless fromYT (4 days ago)
PH here?
Joe Mauro (5 days ago)
Phil Spector productions
Ivan Aliaga (5 days ago)
No tenemos a john Pero en Chile está Jorge Gonzales El de los prisioneros
Linda Burchell (5 days ago)
This makes me so sad that john's life was taken away.
mrsteve26 (5 days ago)
Fucking amazing
Morley Paramo (5 days ago)
Musica muy linda... No como la de esta epoca cochina..
Lizzy Brooks (7 days ago)
I broke up with my boyfriend last week. I needed him to say this but he didn't. Today the song popped up in my mind, so I came here and I cried 😢... I feel better now though
Lizzy Brooks (2 days ago)
I am truly moved, I did not think anyone would care. Thank you so much for your kind answers
Stephen O Neill (3 days ago)
You will love again Elizabeth, keep together girl.
Joseph Aranov (4 days ago)
Maybe your bf wants you to be happy, even if it’s with someone else.
Calvin Klein (7 days ago)
Bruna Paola (8 days ago)
❤️ John
Tony Sienzant (8 days ago)
Everyone who disagrees that "Jealous Guy" was written about Paul, read this. I posted this on a Beatles Facebook Forum a few days ago, after having said that "John & Paul loved each other, possibly the greatest male-to-male platonic love ever was." In the first line below, I am referring to the song right after "Jealous Guy" on Lennon's 2nd solo album after The Beatles breakup. The song is "How Do You Sleep?"  * * * * * * * The exact line Lennon wrote is "the sound you make is Muzak to my ears, you must've learned something in all those years." He wrote that immediately after the breakup when he interpreted some of the songs from Paul's "Ram" album as being slights directed at him. They probably were, most assuredly, the very first song "Too Many People" with the line "too many people going underground, don't let them tell you what you want to be." That was most assuredly directed at John & being under the influence of Yoko's conceptual art practices, that the two turned into "bed-ins" for peace, etc. But others such as "Dear Boy" weren't. Paul wrote that as directed at Linda's first husband, basically saying you didn't know how great of a love you had & lost. But John interpreted that as well as Paul getting in a few more swings at him with lines like "I guess you never knew dear boy what you had found" (meaning John finding Paul). Maybe subconsciously Paul was saying that, who knows? But here's the thing, a major underpinning to my idea that the two had a great love for each other: just like in a divorce, when a great love sours, the fallout can often be bitterness & back-biting & spitefulness which at other times under other circumstances when emotions were not running so high, would not have happened at all. Some facts: Lennon later claimed that the song "How Do You Sleep?" was really him talking about himself. Again, the subconscious comes into play & it's a psychological mechanism at work to buttress one's own ego. John was really a very intelligent guy when it came to his own inner state & what was going on & he was never afraid to expose his own vulnerabilities in that regard. It's kind of like this - - when you direct your anger at someone else, the anger is really only the surface emotion covering up a deeper one. The deeper emotion in this case would be something like doubt or fear of John's own musical abilities without Paul & then a corollary emotion maybe of jealousy at Paul's innate & easy ability to craft beautiful melodies almost effortlessly, like it is in his DNA. Fact: In the mid-1970s when John was in California making "Walls & Bridges" & hanging out with Harry Nilsson & Alice Cooper & getting drop down drunk & into trouble, he could excoriate Paul verbally to the others... BUT if THEY ever tried that, he'd jump across the table to punch them out. In other words, it was something like a husband bitching about his wife but if anyone else ever said anything derogatory about her, watch out, all hell would break loose ! Fact: Paul claims that the song "Jealous Guy" that John sang on his second solo album after the Beatles, was really about Paul, not some woman or Yoko, as many people would have assumed. Where did he get this idea from ? He says, John told him. If you look at the lyrics you will note that no gender besides "guy" (in the line "I'm just jealous guy") is ever used. There is no female in the song mentioned. Secondly, this song was a rehashed version of John's song "Child Of Nature" that was left off The White Album (I'm not even sure if it was ever recorded specifically for the album at all). John wrote the song when the group was visiting the maharishi at Rishikesh. See, Paul wrote a similar song "Mother Nature's Son" at the same time at Rishikesh as well. Both themes/subjects of both songs are EXACTLY SIMILAR. Child of nature, Mother Nature's son = it's the exact same thing. I believe John put his song aside after hearing Paul's because Paul's was so much better. It was lyrically better, in that, John would recognize the phrase Mother Nature that everyone has heard & then how Paul used that expression to delineate exactly the concept of being a child of nature. I can even hear John thinking, "Shit, why didn't I think of that?" (John was always held up & regarded as the better lyricist than Paul). But then, years later, John recalled the chorus & melody & it turned into this new song, which I believe is about Paul for the following reasons: John begins the song with the line "I was dreaming of the past." If he was remembering their time at Rishikesh (pre-Brian Epstein's death & before they started falling apart), he would obviously recall how the 4 of them were still doing things together as a unit (they were called the 4-headed monster by other groups at the time). Similarly, he then would have recalled this song, his 'song rivalry' with Paul, how Paul 'bested' him with the "Mother Nature's Son" tune & then all the following words of "Jealous Guy" makes perfect sense in that John was recollecting this better time, his heart starts beating fast (fearing he cannot do alone what he once did within the group). He then admits "I didn't mean to hurt you." Why? Because, really, he LOVED Paul. "I didn't mean to make you cry, I didn't want to hurt you, I'm just a jealous guy." He goes on to say he was feeling insecure, "you might not love me anymore." All the innuendo, the vicious things John liked to say immediately in the aftermath of The Beatles' breakup about Paul, underneath all of that, he is recognizing once again, his own fear & insecurity in going it on his own. Yes, he had Yoko but even he must have recognized that her artistic gifts such as they were did not extend to the levels that Paul's did, musically. John, even when he wasn't writing with Paul, always had Paul to confirm & acknowledge his songwriting. Paul had John too in the same way. If John said, "don't change that line, it's the best line in the song," Paul would acknowledge John's intuition & expertise in that regard (as happened in "Hey Jude" with the line "the movement you need is on your shoulder.") The Beatles breakup was really like a bitter divorce. Things were said, accusations were flung, but over time after heads had cooled they all knew what was what: John loved Paul & Paul loved John. Fact: John was seen walking through Central Park with a button that read "I Love Paul." Someone asked him, why are you wearing that button? He replied, "Because I love Paul." If you interview Paul or ever get to talk to him, he says he knows John, he knows how he was, he was with him all those years & he knows, simply knows, that John, despite whatever nasty things could come from his mouth, really really loved him. Only two brothers, two true soulmates, know that feeling person-to-person, it's in the air when the two are together. Putting everything I know of The Beatles, their message to the world, their relationship to one another in the group, their spiritual/emotional bonding over their mothers' deaths, it is obvious that John/Paul was the nexus, the center, the motivators of the group & their relationship had to have been a deep & profound one. It is obvious to me. And that's why I wrote the statement the way I did.
Leonardo V.R. (5 days ago)
Be logical and think simple
Leonardo V.R. (5 days ago)
This song and How do you sleep were released both in Imagine album in 1971. There is no way this song was written for Paul.
Sopon Moviewin (9 days ago)
Linda Black (9 days ago)
Just John Lennon pouring his heart and soul out into a song . RIP John . We miss you . Great song !
Ricardo Rivero (9 days ago)
soy celoso porque muchos ojos te miran y eso provocan mis celos de tu Loquito Enamorado no es malo tenerte CELOS son CELOS de AMOR GERI ERES Tú mi Adoración
Li Kaye (9 days ago)
This album was brutally honest to where he was in his life. Brilliant album so difficult to hear but he was trying to enjoy the " smaller" things in life. He reached the fame & fortune before the age of 30, so now what? Trying to see & feel what he missed out of with his first son, trying to be the responciball father parent figure, enjoying being a part of his son going through baby stage to toddler to watching they're little personal atys emerging, such an age that's often overlooked. Gosh, that's what bothers me the most about his death besides the fact that the Beatles would never ever play together again. To my generation it wasn't a matter of if they played together it was when they played and loosing this genus song writer made it a hard cold fact that the Beatles could ever find and put they're heart & souls to music for us to experience again. My heart goes out to his family & close friends. Thank you for the brilliant music we lived our lives to. Thank you for sharing him with us. LK.
Joel Alvarez (10 days ago)
Valderci Sonia cantar (10 days ago)
Marianeve Salvatore (10 days ago)
Ricordi bellissimi nel ♥️sempre
Nancy LM (11 days ago)
Si no hubiera conocido a esa pinche puta nipona FEA no se hubiera ido a vivir a NY y NO LO HUBIERAN MATADO! Detesto a esa HORRENDA yoko ono, así, con minúsculas porque es una 💩!
Edilma Lacerda (11 days ago)
Houve um tempo em que acreditei que todos os bons sentimentos,acreditei em sonhos,acreditei no amor. E hoje só existo porque continue a crê em tudo isso... John Lenno forever❤
Gladys Rodriguez (11 days ago)
cuando saben q.eres un ser increible y puedes opacarlos siente selos
georgelee43211 (11 days ago)
this song is a sequel to rubber soul's ''run for your life''.
Eduardo Scianca (11 days ago)
Solo para unos pocos que entienden lo que es la mejor música el más grande de toda la historia
carol tocto (11 days ago)
me dio miedo su carita de su trampita q desunió años bettles
rodtrump rodtrump (11 days ago)
My favorite song in the world
Jack Guiapal22 (12 days ago)
Love song hahahah 😭😭😭
Aldo Federico (12 days ago)
Gênio !
bms_124 Silvano (12 days ago)
R I P John Lennon
barry harding (12 days ago)
John gave us so much, what have we missed out on? RIP John.
Frida Säterö (12 days ago)
God I’m crying
Evelyn negra (12 days ago)
Romel Khan (12 days ago)
It's not a song it's milestone .
ayang jordan (13 days ago)
Miss you...
Alma imparable (13 days ago)
Te sigo adorando🌻🌷 por siempre en mi corazon❤
Abarth131sf (13 days ago)
Fuck.. what is happening to the current music world....
Mick Thunder (13 days ago)
Thanks to the faces.
Что может быть лучше музыки которую любишь!?
James jam (14 days ago)
looking at how he looks at yoko genuine love in there eyes
susan lyn (14 days ago)
my one tru love, john lennon :')
Billy Sharp (14 days ago)
Can’t never get enough of this guy!
Me too. I get high in the most beautifull way
augusto honrade (14 days ago)
Yea, I am!
francesco divita (15 days ago)
Feels like his death breaks our hearts over and over again. What an explosion of feelings this song conveys
Michelle kemp (15 days ago)
francesco divita (15 days ago)
What a masterpiece.....
Rebecca Watson (15 days ago)
This is my favorite Lennon solo song.
Graham Timms (15 days ago)
John was a legend and still is
nf (15 days ago)
Un bel amour que le leur ... c'est beau ...
Kristyna Maurova (15 days ago)
Giovanna del rosso (15 days ago)
Marta Ibañez (16 days ago)
Gisela Ramos (16 days ago)
Claramente dedicada a Paul.
Christian VASSI (16 days ago)
La debilidad de un Dios fue enamorarse de una perra.
Maryael (16 days ago)
constantinescu elena (17 days ago)
MATCH OF GAMES (17 days ago)
brasil te ama cara
Vince Ferri (17 days ago)
edwin iruet (17 days ago)
Another great song by John Lennon 💯✌️🙏RIP MY BROTHER.....!!!
IRONMANFAN2008 (18 days ago)
This song reminded me of wen i was jealous of my ex who was with her baby daddy it had really hurt me so much and couldnt get over it
Antonio Escobar (18 days ago)
Es como entrar al mundo que deje hace mucho tiempo, cuando la inexperiencia me giaba y tan solo trataba de sobrevivir. No volveré nunca más, porque ese mundo se fue, y se fue mi inexperiencia. Experimento vivido y superado. Si no, no fuera experiencia.
kiko curtua (19 days ago)
Yokoo seba mate jajaja
john scialfa (19 days ago)
Carlos...get your head checked you moran.i guess it hit a nerve huh?do you even know the name of your kids?by Julian's own words John was an absent father if you want to warship scum like that that's your problem.that being said,I'm well aware of his musical talents.
Htheorphanarian (20 days ago)
Anyone else wish Lennon would've done a Fredo
mescalorma Covers (20 days ago)
it's imposible that this song were for Paul, if this song were for Paul, can somebody explain me how John can include How Do You Sleep and Jealous Guy in the same album and dedicating the both songs to the same person? Probably is for other person. By the way, amazing song!
Tonia Drizi (20 days ago)
MO MO (20 days ago)
DRAGON HEART (21 days ago)
Patricia chavez (19 days ago)
is true...you are right
Carlos Meléndez (21 days ago)
Genio forever
Bob Murphy (21 days ago)
Miss you John.
kescha1995 (21 days ago)
Luis (22 days ago)
funkyboss3 (22 days ago)
Say what you want, I think it's for Cynthia, not Paul. Peace and love
funkyboss3 (18 days ago)
+FUR I wrote it's NOT for Paul. I heard and saw people telling so, a song as apologize for argues and insulting
Romina Lutzebäck (19 days ago)
+FUR paul said so ; no jealo thing with Cynthia, other reasons
FUR (20 days ago)
What makes you think he made this song for Paul?
Beatflysforever (22 days ago)
Hi guys who is listening now 2084?
Beatflysforever (22 days ago)
Alguien del 2084?
Francesca Serratore (23 days ago)
Francesca Serratore (23 days ago)
AMO JOHN LENNON💑👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌😘💑
maria arici (23 days ago)
Juan Jose Perotti (23 days ago)
Goals jajaja
Sacred Geometry Music (23 days ago)
if you're listening this in 20223 you're great!11!!!
Poussière d'étoile (23 days ago)
志村隆人 (24 days ago)
lost man (24 days ago)
Guys Im a jealous guy and i don't know if i am right or wrong with my girlfriend , just a question ? What If she goes to parties and concerts with a male friend , is that fine and I'm weird to not accept it ? Im really lost
Kind Song

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