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KellyHongLe: How to style your hair at home: Blow dry vs Hot rollers

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Text Comments (33)
Mochi Mummy (27 days ago)
The problem hot roller for me is the curl can not stay more than 2 hours,please help
seven star (4 months ago)
Hair colour pls🤲🏻
shabana rangoonwala (10 months ago)
or is it direct layer cut frm down the chin
shabana rangoonwala (10 months ago)
plss reply
shabana rangoonwala (10 months ago)
hii kelly whats hair cut is it long layers with frenchies in front
Sana Nazir (1 year ago)
Your hair color ?
Rachna Kapoor (1 year ago)
which company hot rollers would you recommend?
Shoaib Irfan (1 year ago)
You are so beautiful and I love your hair style ❤
MD (1 year ago)
What brand are the hot rollers and what model? I need the giant ones.
Anna Coronado (1 year ago)
what color is your hair here?
رمزيات بنات (1 year ago)
i looovvve your hair
Anika A. (1 year ago)
Hi, what's your hair colour called? 😍
Javaria Syed (2 years ago)
Kelly....I love your Hair
Nimisha Sawant (11 months ago)
Nimisha Sawant (11 months ago)
Mam ur hair 👍 bt tell me wt to apply before blow dry to stay for long time
SAM (2 years ago)
What is the name of the hot rollers in this video?
guacgirl (2 years ago)
twominutetips (2 years ago)
I totally agree about hot rollers. Why women use a curling iron when hot rollers are much easier and faster is beyond me. I also have the exact same hot air brush and love it as well. Bravo.
Mochi Mummy (27 days ago)
How to keep curl longer by hot roller
Stephy Pal (2 years ago)
I bought those rollers after watching ur videos but i didn't see any results with the rollers. They didn't do anything for me. I thought maybe my hair was the problem but i tried on my mom and sister but nthg worked with their hair either.
RITSA VOURKOUDI (2 years ago)
i want these rolleys!!!!
Sabrina Badjarah (2 years ago)
waht ils yor favorite oils for you hair thanks
Sabrina Badjarah (2 years ago)
thank youuuu
shahid javaid (2 years ago)
whats your hair color? it looks amazing
Millie De Shields (2 years ago)
U r so beautiful, God Bless u!!! I wish I could do mine like us!!!
Prehan Iqbal (2 years ago)
rollers :) Love the curled end layers!
Eileen Schultz (2 years ago)
Can you advise where to purchase hot rollers
Sam S (2 years ago)
I really like your hair this color
Muhammad Jamil (2 years ago)
left hand site r0llers ar best result👌
cuddlesxyz (2 years ago)
when i blow dry curls with the round brush the curcles with stay for a week . when i curl with a straightner i loose them in an hour and i have all this cruchy residue. so ive just stick to blow dry now
Wasanهلو Cholo (2 years ago)
لون شعرك كتير حلووو
Kim Ott (2 years ago)
Can I ask, what Brand of rollers are you using?
Flaka Lily Audry (2 years ago)
Love your hair I'm try the rollers

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