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How I Wrap & Unwrap my Hair w/ Curls + HOW TO GET Feathered Hair!

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here's a video showing how i tie up my hair at night when I'm wearing it straight with feathered curls in the front. MORE HELPFUL VIDEOS FOR STRAIGHT HAIR! Longer Hair: How I wrap & Unwrap My Hair https://youtu.be/gVMBmub4pvM Night Time Hair Routine for Straight Hair | Roller Wrap & Feathered Hair  https://youtu.be/ZU9fm9gbeVE Briefly showing and explaining how i wrap my relaxed hair at night and how I unwrap my hair in the morning. It's a simple relaxed hair care technique that doesn't take long to do. This is how i maintain my hair when wearing a straight hairstyle such as a body wrap. --Prior to maintaining the feathered curls in the front, I got them by curving my flat iron for a tuck at the ends of my hair. HOW I BLOW DRY & FLAT IRON MY HAIR:. https://youtu.be/xQaJxY4NUPw I pin curl my feathered hair to keep from using heat on it everyday. (no heat) Questions, Comments? Leave them in the comment section below. Camera Used: Samsung Galaxy S4 (cellphone) Editing: iMovie SEND ME SOMETHING: Destiny Chalmers P.O. Box 280233 Memphis, TN 38168 Twitter and Instagram: @allofdestiny Find Me http://www.twitter.com/allofdestiny http://www.instagram.com/allofdestiny thanks for watching allofdestiny
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Text Comments (148)
Nik L (3 months ago)
So adorable and naturally pretty. Love your genuineness. Great hair tutorial.
allofdestiny (3 months ago)
Thank you
Cindy Rolle (3 months ago)
So pretty. A little lady.
Mia Love (5 months ago)
A fucking mess kids gets teased for hairstyles like this hit not even done
Aquilla Ringold (5 months ago)
I never knew that. Thank you I'm trying to wrap my hair. God bless you and your family 🤗
mikki mcbride plus five (5 months ago)
You are a beautiful young woman!! 😄 You did a fabulous job!!
Starlite Edge (6 months ago)
Simply gorgeous!
Jameela BellingPort (6 months ago)
Very Pretty:)
Alexis Hatcher (7 months ago)
This was so helpful girl, thank you soooooo much! 😩🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 I’m natural, but I was SO concerned about how the heck imma keep my feathered look because bone straight styles don’t fit me. I’ve pin curled it, but sometimes it will look like wtf. Lol (to me at least.) I’m so thankful you made this video! Now I have confidence that my hair is gonna be fleeky on my birthday in the next 3 days.😊
Nickelia Charles (9 months ago)
I love everything about her lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
PHs PALACE (9 months ago)
You have a beautiful hair, and you look amazing to.
Troylon Storks (10 months ago)
try to do some curls like that on longer hair is it possible
Author Belinda Hunter (10 months ago)
I used your tips today and my hair is beautiful. The best I have ever dod on my own hair.
Safiya McCullough (10 months ago)
faith maforo (11 months ago)
Love your complexion and hair style. Well done.
Crystal Bell (1 year ago)
You didn't do shit!!!
Winter Rain (1 year ago)
What is you intro song
Christian Gulley (1 year ago)
love your videos=)
LifeAsNori'Yauna (1 year ago)
will flexi rod work
Marquita V (1 year ago)
This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for posting! I usually wrap my hair the opposite of the way Ok comb it. So when i take it down i have the feather look in the front but there is always a dent in the front of my bangs. I will try this technique and let you know how it works out.
Chetta Myrick (1 year ago)
Country accent come thru 😂
Carter's mom (1 year ago)
You need to do a video for girls with severely thick hair. I have the worst time wrapping my hair and I'm relaxed but it's thick anyway. Pray for me
Elise Gloria (1 year ago)
Your voice is so Cute!
highpoint0621 (1 year ago)
Your hair is pretty!
MariniSol (1 year ago)
J Dai (1 year ago)
Thank you for your sharing!
Jasmine Smith (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video! 😍
Trina H (1 year ago)
That's very nice. That's how I do my hair at night it makes it easier. Great Job
Taryn Kacey (2 years ago)
Hair came out bomb! I'm trying to teach myself how to do my hair now this was helpful!
lhawkins (2 years ago)
Love your videos, wonderful tutorials and I found the video great, and beautiful hair.
arteisia calvin (2 years ago)
you're so pretty
Tena Yvette (2 years ago)
Just got connected, lol love the videos keep them coming Yesss! from Mempho as well
Sa'Mya Bolden (2 years ago)
hey where did you get the hair rollers
MsQueenB2 (2 years ago)
This makes me miss my relaxer days uggh!! So cute!
Taylor Ross (2 years ago)
her hair is all ways slaying
Yolanda McGill (2 years ago)
Beautiful hair
Rochelle McFadzean (2 years ago)
I tried this last night, it came out amazing!!! Thanks for the great tips!
Latanya Hulon (2 years ago)
Love this video! Re growing my hair Bc it was so damaged! This video will help me out new subbie
This World Crazy (2 years ago)
wow that accent is stronggggg
SoloArt Studio (2 years ago)
Awesome HIAR day!!!
Mika's So Random (2 years ago)
I love her accent😍
Michelle (2 years ago)
Subscribed! You are so pretty!
Mookie (2 years ago)
Side part so sophisticated
Yawneke Allen (2 years ago)
sound like penny proud
Quaneshia Adams (2 years ago)
I love your videos what did u use to make your hair grow
Joetta A. Johnson (2 years ago)
u are so adorable-ur hair is nice
1theqtpie (2 years ago)
My ten year old was learning to wrap tonight and lets just say it was soooo upsetting to her. She said thanks so much for this an it couldn't have been easier. I'm going to start doing mines like this also
Tashax2 (2 years ago)
Love it!
Aiwah Ky (2 years ago)
You're so pretty
Angelica Keene (2 years ago)
do you put the rollers in every night?
stacey inglis (2 years ago)
Your hair looks amazing...gonna try it out
stephanie prempeh (2 years ago)
gal loves her hair..lol
Tedecia Williams (2 years ago)
what do you use on your edge
Brittany britbrat (2 years ago)
i atay. in memphis too girl lol
Briata Anderson (2 years ago)
Love it
Audrey SewConfused (2 years ago)
mrsstrawberryluv1 (2 years ago)
you better wrk 😁🌝
O.R.E.O_BUNNY (2 years ago)
you just saved my first day of school 😭😂💞😘 this tutorial was wonderful 😊 thanks for the Bobby pin tip I have been trying to find how to curl my hair without heat for the longest without curlers 😊😊 👏
loopy loops 33 (2 years ago)
Cute and easy. I love your accent
BTS love (2 years ago)
😍😍😍 your hair is so gorgeous!!
ajoy t (2 years ago)
I don't know why but I loved watching this video when you put the hair rollers in a it made those beautiful curls I wish mines can do that
maya mcfarland (2 years ago)
you from Memphis that's awesome
KaDedra Metcalf (2 years ago)
Lacey Wacey (2 years ago)
love the video 🤗
GetNailedTT (2 years ago)
Great idea with the two rollers at the crown and the rest of the hair wrapped. might have to try that
Nayakia Bates (2 years ago)
Thanks I just got a layered cut and didn't know how I was gonna keep this up after my wild sleeping at night,lol, and your comments about edges being like accessories r soo true!!!😂
Denise 1101 (2 years ago)
Brownsville Tn 45 mins from Memphis woop woop! Good tips thank you!
Tiffany P. (2 years ago)
Memphis :) hometown
Monee Ivy (2 years ago)
Great tutorial. Thanks!
Cassie Rice (2 years ago)
I'm natural but I heard your accent and I had to sub. #northmemphis
rita803 (7 months ago)
UofM alumni here!
Cassie Rice (2 years ago)
Memphis baby!
Sherley Monjoy (2 years ago)
Woww I'm in love with your hair
Earl Moss (2 years ago)
Love the way you shaked it
Yayah Love (2 years ago)
pretty like it makes me not want to go natural
Ashleylovee xo (2 years ago)
girlllll that accent ❤❤❤❤😂😂I love it !
mpowell94 (2 years ago)
Great video. How do you maintain your hair during the week when working out? Do you have a video for that?
sixnohit (3 years ago)
Your hair has so much body! Mine style/length are similar to yours but it's just so lifeless! I've been working to get it healthier. I don't use a lot of product because I feel like it just weights my hair down. My shampoo/conditioner is all natural and I use Olive oil and sometimes Tea Tree oil. I wrap at night but I've never used the rollers at the crown. I'm gonna have to try that. What size & kind do you use? I just hate my hair so much that I want to wear a hat everyday!!! Love your videos, thanks!
nobodyBIZ1912 (3 years ago)
good tip because I don't like to use lots of heat
Gail Waitman (3 years ago)
hello. loved your video. My hairdresser told me to do the same thing...roll the front of my too. thanks for the tip
Antonietta Janiece (3 years ago)
what type of edge control do u use?
Sheener Perry (3 years ago)
Will be trying this tonight!I enjoy your videos girl!
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+Sheener Perry how'd it go?
Bre Cx (3 years ago)
I actually tried that hair style and I will see hw it goes in the morning
T W (3 years ago)
Yes to the feathers girl!
Karolyn G (3 years ago)
Go girl!
Jazzy Faye (3 years ago)
you should do hair your talented
in time (3 years ago)
You need a talk show. It could be about anything you want. I'd watch just to listen to you talk🤗
Dionna Raeillé (3 years ago)
lord kooooows I've been waiting to see a video like this lol. thank you girl lol
Joan:) (3 years ago)
love your accent ! where are you from ?
Nekia Daniels (3 years ago)
you made that so simple, thank you for the video!!
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+Nekia Daniels i try to keep it as easy as possible! why make it complicated if it's not =)
Nekia Daniels (3 years ago)
toooo cute!!!
Ashley Ashia (3 years ago)
What hooded dryer do you use?
Sharhonda Jones (3 years ago)
Beauty,brains,talent!!! That hairstyle looks good on you!
Wow you are such a breath of fresh air☀️🌈 so cheerful and outgoing I enjoyed your video.
Miki Cribb (3 years ago)
i m not watching the video
Miki Cribb (3 years ago)
i m not watching the video
Miki Cribb (3 years ago)
a boy using my sisters profile and i m saying she is pretty
Keesha Mercer Gathers (3 years ago)
Love all your videos. I am a heat curling iron queen. I love the look the roll n set, wrap, and rods give. I will definitely start this look. Thanks so much for showing a healthy look without the heat.😊
Keesha Mercer Gathers (3 years ago)
Love all your videos. I am a heat curling iron queen. I love the look the roll n set, wrap, and rods give. I will definitely start this look. Thanks so much for showing a healthy look without the heat.😊
Keesha Mercer Gathers (3 years ago)
Love all your videos. I am a heat curling iron queen. I love the look the roll n set, wrap, and rods give. I will definitely start this look. Thanks so much for showing a healthy look without the heat.😊
Keaona Amore Allen (3 years ago)
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+Keaona Amore Allen no wonder i couldnt find it. the way you typed it made it get sent to spam folder. =D dont die!
Jamyra Grandberry (3 years ago)
Great video and i live in Memphis to i stay in Cordova,TN

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