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Trivium - Like Light to Flies (Guitar Cover with Solos)

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I'm playing along to Trivium - Like Light to Flies. It's the first Trivium song I've learned in its entirety (probably because it's the easiest!). Regarding the distortion in this video: I was not using speaker cabinet simulation on my POD, so the tone sounds very harsh and fizzy. On all of my more recent videos, the tone is much better, so please do not comment about the tone in this video if you don't like it. Trust me, I've already heard this dozens of times. Thank you! You can download the tab for this video, and find other information about my playing and recording method here: http://www.killrbuckeye.com
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Text Comments (2832)
Evan Chapman (16 days ago)
Who here plays this song alternate picking I personally play down picking Feels and sounds so much better imo
Gus Fikso (20 days ago)
Sounds good in 2019XD and prolly will in 2050
Jan Erwin Viray (2 months ago)
Waiting for 2019 comeback :)
drapedupTRiPdout (3 months ago)
still sick as fuck man hell yea
Marco Polau (5 months ago)
Come back where are you dude. The best cover and probably the first one at this time so old but still the Song of divinity.
Master Yow (5 months ago)
I remember watching these 9ver and over again in my high school days.
Kill TheFlaws (6 months ago)
Please come back to Youtube! I still actively enjoy listening to your original compositions at work!
Kill TheFlaws (6 months ago)
"Arrival" is my favorite!
Lucas Bival (6 months ago)
eu conheci trivium por causa desse video! 11 anos! muito foda! :D
Agus Slamet (9 months ago)
ayo lah bro,balik lagi.. kangen nih
Stefano Calcaterra (9 months ago)
We miss you Killr!!! Come back!!!! You were my inspiration at 17 years
Pro Mining (9 months ago)
2018 still here
Vird Sam (10 months ago)
dude, come back. please
My Email (10 months ago)
The OG guitar cover man
Jon Krawchuk (11 months ago)
Solo legit gave me goosebumps come back brah would love to see this in 4k!
Rifqy Jr (11 months ago)
Still best cover in 2018
Денис 86 рус (1 year ago)
Joseph Barisic (1 year ago)
To this day, still the most accurate cover on yt.
TheCODguyv2k13 (1 year ago)
I learned this song by watching your cover !!! FYI ginger too!!! Maybe one day start a band of gingers??😁
Drew Caico (1 year ago)
Awful tone jesus
Jeffrrey Eligue (1 year ago)
2018 \m/
CARLOS (1 year ago)
Eli Lachappa (1 year ago)
Killrbuckeye where'd you go man?!?!?! Its been 10 years without any new covers, we need more of your badass covers
Devin Sinclair (1 year ago)
I use to watch this dudes covers literally like 6 or 8 years ago... he was sick... lots of potential... not perfect but better than average... he rips.. guess he quit playing?
James G (11 months ago)
Devin Sinclair he quit because of his selfish family
Lipyt (1 year ago)
COME BACK !!!!!!!
Jon Mentovay (1 year ago)
I thought he nodded out while playing...now that's a great guitarist...he plays this song so effortlessly and accurately
Fran Peirone Peirone (1 year ago)
NZ XBL (1 year ago)
TheFarkKnight (1 year ago)
Well done, buddy!
Dhimas Cesar (2 years ago)
Come back pls
Adham Rushdy (2 years ago)
We need you, man. You need to return!
Diego B (2 years ago)
Jurietto Mitshi Kunai (2 years ago)
Effortless lol
Jeffrey Phon (2 years ago)
Joostin Kookel (2 years ago)
i enjoy your commitment to not using alternate picking, and somehow manage to play what is intended for alternate picking still with relative ease.
Joostin Kookel (2 years ago)
probably easier to make it sound clean without the added strokes of alternate anyway L:D.
iKlinja (2 years ago)
Joostin Kookel It wasn't intended for alternate; Matt is all down stroke :)))
unitednot divided (2 years ago)
love the kirk hammit sig
DrizzyBones (2 years ago)
comeback to us! we miss you. been a follower for such a long time. you actually inspired me to play guitar.
losslessification (2 years ago)
Please come back please! I used to watch this vid on an old laptop when I was a kid that tone was my childhood!
R Reeps (2 years ago)
His guitar tone was pretty legit for 2007. Nice chops
krebskrank (3 days ago)
I heard this cover more often than the original track, it have to sound exactly like that. The tone is absolutely perfect. Go away with your whatever equipment, this is how metal should sound. Rough, brutal and amazing.
NekroMcFly (8 months ago)
when I saw this back in 2008 his tone was amazing to me, but now 10 years later and after using a lot of diferent ampsimps including BIAS, I came here and listen to this cover again, and I realize that this tone is truly trash. POD 2.0 now is trash, back then it was the great.
GM Skywalker (1 year ago)
Love the cover but his tone is garbage
Russ Reeps sounds like he didnt use a cab simulation
sixsixeightsix (1 year ago)
not even. it sounds like a bunch of bees wrapped in aluminum foil.
UrbanGeeks (2 years ago)
Your guitar sounds like shit (or the video) but you playing is tight
Momchil Andonov (2 years ago)
Overdrive kills it! :(
darkhorse_st (2 years ago)
pisses me off that i still struggle to play this shit
random dude (2 years ago)
this is why you never have children. amazing talent down the tubes
david brown (2 years ago)
Akis M (2 years ago)
steve eat the sun (2 years ago)
dude ! were are you !!??
Aditya Singh (2 years ago)
Damn! killed it without alternate picking XD. Well done.
GOffensive (2 years ago)
IKR. This is relatively easy to play but so exhausting without alternate picking. But the sound of constant downstrokes is just too good.
Thomas Lakes (2 years ago)
your covers r awesome and u a follow buckeye I'm was born in Cincinnati and ur company error have helped me a great deal with guitar and my guitar sounds awesome now since I put emgs in it a h4 bridge and a h4a neck
Still best cover in 2016...
ezzyMunero90 (3 months ago)
Still will be in 2019
Matt Mine (1 year ago)
2018 too
Sakkarin Khumbamrung (2 years ago)
And in 2017.
Come motherfucking back Y0....
Alex C (2 years ago)
A little bit overkill on the drive >.< still, masterfully played.
Alex C (2 years ago)
A little bit overkill on the drive >.< still, masterfully played.
Ashlei Powell (2 years ago)
Leader of the gingers 👅
Nathaniel Finalet (2 years ago)
Anybody know what his guitar is tuned to?? After playing along to the original song then to this video, his guitar definitely sounds like it's in a higher key for some reason...
kretelj (2 years ago)
He does change the songs pitch so he doesn't have to tune his guitar out from what he's using.
Nicholas Wiranata (2 years ago)
I'm sure he knows it's drop D. He said he played along with the original. He's right in saying that the key in the video is higher. I'm guessing he pushed the audio up a semitone for copyright reasons.
Alex C (2 years ago)
Nathaniel Finalet it's drop D. Standard E, just tune the low E string down to D
ba0511 (2 years ago)
he is in dropped D
Nicholas Wiranata (2 years ago)
It sounds like he's playing a semitone higher than the original in the key of Eb minor.
Max Morrison (2 years ago)
I hope he knows how many view this has now, I watch it all the time
Six Strings (2 years ago)
Come back God dammitb
TheEmollient (2 years ago)
yup hes back. i saw he commented ome of the post
Mike Clinkenbeard (2 years ago)
Jason Taylor (2 years ago)
he's back
Six Strings (2 years ago)
Matthew Patti (2 years ago)
bravo.. bravo
Kali Yuga Surfer (2 years ago)
nice work from colombia, respects love your videos.
seanbucke (3 years ago)
225 people are jealous..awesome work dude 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Cole beejack (3 years ago)
If anyone's wondering, Buckeye has a website; although he hasn't made a post since '11.
Chemical Sandman (3 years ago)
great skills man. Loved the cover just a little too much fuzz on the amp. keep shredding!
Leather-Duck (3 years ago)
Damn I miss this guy, I wonder what ever happened to him...
Webee Chamin (2 years ago)
Leather-Duck I remember reading on another one of his covers a few years ago that he had a baby and called it a day. Can't blame him on it!
Liu gorden (3 years ago)
+Leather-Duck  me too~~ He brings me play the metal
Vengeance By Venom (3 years ago)
I read the description about him not using the cabinet speakers or something therefore getting a harsh tone.. But the solo kinda sounded like a classical instrument in the beginning haha! xD
Archer (3 years ago)
miss you bro
Matthew Patti (2 years ago)
yeah hes damn good lol taught me loads
Archer (2 years ago)
He just stopped making videos a long time ago. Wish he continued and made money off of his channel.
Matthew Patti (2 years ago)
+Michael Carter ? where did he go?
Michael Bentley (3 years ago)
holy shit this guy shreds
Matthew Bacani (3 years ago)
its been 8 years since this cover came out... fuck time goes by fast.
Phil Ip (3 years ago)
Sick down-picking but vibrato needs work.
Matthew Lord (3 years ago)
HOLY FUCK O_O i remember ur video when u played the solo to one by METALLICA but this is beyond kickass
Skrillexman115 (3 years ago)
Perfect cover but your sound is pretty bad
LivingDeath117 (3 years ago)
+Skrillexman115 This was uploaded in 2007...
Felipe Moreno (3 years ago)
nice m8. do u have the tabs for gp6?
Cynthia Turnbaugh (3 years ago)
jose irizarry (3 years ago)
man bring me my high school time back :( awesome cover, is one of the best so far for me, no disrespect for other talented people. .. This is just amazing thx for the cover man I love it.
Rogelio Carvajal (3 years ago)
Man this brings back so many good memories. I remember when he uploaded this video, I was just starting to play guitar :D
RODE2112 (3 years ago)
@ michicho caca - Original music is wonderful! It lets out your own instincts and shows your personal talent. Doing covers is how you  play for generic crowds, and tests YOURSELF against OTHER people and for trying to learn new techniques, styles, expand your horizons, etc. Both are equally important in my point of view.
Vince Gioviannia (3 years ago)
Trivium takes some skill hands down
Fred Payette (2 years ago)
I like to play Ascendancy. My hands dont though haha
DootDeet Tweedledee (3 years ago)
killed it
michicho caca (3 years ago)
No offense .but if I'm really good !!!! Maybe I can create my own music I hate covers why if your talented waste your time repeating something that already is been done. Just my opinion thanks
Kevin Owens (3 years ago)
He was in 3 different bands. He is 36 now. When grow up and get a real job and have a family, this is the kind of stuff that helps you keep your love for guitar and metal going. He is a good friend of mine and I know this, otherwise I wouldn't comment. When you work a ton and have kids it is hard enough to find the time. I only wish he would play more often now. He was a lot better guitarist than I was.
amgonna bakeyobread (3 years ago)
+michicho caca No offense, but show some respect! If you bothered to look you'd find some amazing original music on Buckeye's channel too!
Tamon K (3 years ago)
are you alive man?
ba0511 (3 years ago)
+Tamon K He has a family now
You2ubeTool (3 years ago)
Great playings. The distortion sounds about right. Now, I don't want to criticise the tone as he knows it's pretty thin... but I have to say I'd love to hear Mr Buckeye re-do this video with some thumping valvey goodness! Such skillz deserve a better sound!
michael jenkins (4 years ago)
Fucking Sublime mate...
DryZeDesign (4 years ago)
Mais omg ce cover de génie :oo
Randall Parris (4 years ago)
Come bacccckkkkkkkk
Supersanta 7 (4 years ago)
No matter how many times i watch this cover it never ceases to amaze me.
- Drak - (3 years ago)
+Supersanta 7 man I wish I could play this song like that guy this cover blew me away
Pacenko (4 years ago)
AndyShredz (5 days ago)
Hes back!!!! With a new single check his uploads!!!
Jan Erwin Viray (2 months ago)
Update: Its happening this year :)
Caliban's Revenge (1 year ago)
Bahar Sally Tam problem diyemeyiz de ailesiyle daha çok vakit geçirmek istiyor gibi detayları YouTube kanalının hakkında kısmında anlatmış
Bahar Sally (1 year ago)
Ulaş Utku (1 year ago)
Aile içinde bi problemi varmış galiba
scott shartz (4 years ago)
keep rockin man
jumhooriyah (4 years ago)
bro come back pls
První Kontakt (4 years ago)
is that all downstrokes? wow you are fast!!!
Yall are trippin (3 months ago)
its downstroked, trivium downstrokes pretty much everything, they have songs way faster than this that are downstroked
Algastar (4 years ago)
Yeah me too, it's the way its meant to be played. It's how Trivium did it on the album and at live shows, and it's also how killrbuckeye does it. 
joewizard100 (4 years ago)
+Algastar i play this song with just downstrokes. It's more fun
Algastar (4 years ago)
I have no idea what you're on about dude. Let's just end this here. 
Oscar Nilsson (4 years ago)
+Algastar Lol, no.
vintastic319 (4 years ago)
majestic downstroke technique
Mako Eve (4 years ago)
Good thing with this song is that it's in drop D
b-tati (4 years ago)
Every cool metalcore riff was displayed in this song. Asking Alexandria started a year after this video was posted
Jack Gough (4 years ago)
Dat tone
Макс Гур (4 years ago)
Очень отлично!
Joe Acey (4 years ago)
Nicely done sir
Nice cover dude\m/ Don't know how much times I've watched it,love it always , take care bro !
Daniel A. Yzaguirre (4 years ago)
This dude jams!
Ferry Effendy (4 years ago)
Perfect Cover Man . . .
sickrustler101 (5 years ago)
Is that a Stephen LTD on th wall behind you?
sickrustler101 (5 years ago)
Those down strokes are pretty quick...\,,/
Christian Benitez (5 years ago)
man distor sucks and you r playing it half town up the song :S
MrSaitenreiter (5 years ago)
Awsome men! Where do you get you Tabs?
justmeirene88 (5 years ago)
awesome cover!
臥鮮特 (5 years ago)
My right hand is so acid= = !!!!  WHY...?
Mike (5 years ago)
Oh my god! This was what direct in sounded like in 07! haha, we've grown so much.

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