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Eden | Set an appointment! http://www.stylesbyeden.com/ IG @hairstylesbyeden http://bit.ly/2rJoaSo Tools & Products @ stylesbyeden.com Roller set Process! | Shampoo - First 2 Washes: Design Essentials Therapeutic Shampoo Third and Final Wash: Kera Care Hydrating Shampoo Conditioner - Mizani Moisturizing Conditioner Setting lotion mixed with h2o Heat Protectant - Kenra Thermal Styling Spray Skinny serum- Paul Mitchell Keracare - Edge control Temperature of the Flat Iron - 380 degrees
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Text Comments (73)
Dinah Nicole (17 hours ago)
I liked it waaaay better with the natural roller set. This woman has a beautiful head of hair regardless. I just got confused 🥺
G: Q.M.F (21 hours ago)
Love the music!
eloise. jackson (19 hours ago)
Smooth jazz
This just made love to me ❤️🙌🏾😍
i absolutely love this 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jayla Campbell (2 days ago)
What's the point of curling it
Krista Smith (1 day ago)
To stretch the hair without excess heat
Tracey Branch (2 days ago)
Awesome work, where can I find the hair rollers?
Rehabot Koynulna (2 days ago)
Hey Eden,where can I buy these hair rollers? Would u please tell me. Thank U alot
Samantha Ivy (2 days ago)
Her hair is cute.
Shawnya Robinson (3 days ago)
If ends were good before roller set I would've stopped there. Would've been the bomb for me. But I could see the scraggly ends after roller set.
Cocoa Puff (3 days ago)
Hair looked better natural...
Robyn Alexander (3 days ago)
I just had to type this but the model in this video is sooooooo pretty💯❤️❤️
Shikita Deveaux (3 days ago)
heyy, what kind rollers are these?
dcdddddd1 (5 days ago)
What I can't understand is why even bother getting a roller set if she's going to get it flat ironed anyway? She might as well should've gotten it blow dried and flat ironed.
Bianca Johnson (20 hours ago)
its a better way to stretch the hair befoe flat ironing it. instead of a blow dryer
Tval valdary (21 hours ago)
I was thinking the same thing!!
Bca (3 days ago)
A roller set is a way to reduce the heat and heat damage that you would get from a blow out and then straightened
NellyPeeJays (5 days ago)
Hi just wow.really Amazing.please name the flat iron ?
AsIs2884 (6 days ago)
Oh I would've left the curls and been flipping my hair left to right while I talked to people the rest of the day🤷🏾‍♀️lol
Q. Ayesha Nnamani (7 days ago)
Beautiful but this girl crazy. Im not putting a flat iron on my hair after the hooded dryer......
Emma EM (8 days ago)
I NEED the name of that music track...
Ms. T. V. Hayes (10 days ago)
Liking these videos so far Madam Eden! I have natural hair that’s pretty long and love to see someone that can work it. I also love roller sets but let mines stay in! Love the soft luscious curls it brings.
Priscilla Jones (11 days ago)
Are those rollers slightly “hour glass” shaped?
NaturallyDope (15 days ago)
I love these results! But can I please know what detangling brush this is. Its amazing!
Lily M (21 days ago)
The style looks great! But I am curious why you do the rollers AND straighten? Does it make it easier to straighten or does it add volume?.. just curious
Sasha Hershey (11 days ago)
Less heat to get curlier hair pin straight
Sara Khaled (23 days ago)
Very amizzing😍😍
Valerie Ballard (26 days ago)
I have a 6 year old how has a ton of hair. She has had it flat ironed and pressed once. I didn't like that is was pressed, because it had that "charred" odor that I remembered from my time in my kitchen when my mom pressed my hair. Will a flat iron cause that odor, and are roller sets better. I feel that they are, even though you still need heat to dry.
Hair styles By Eden (26 days ago)
Hi no the iron wouldn’t have that Oder unless they r using to much Proudact, yes the rollers are better ❤️
Kristina Hazelwood (28 days ago)
Wow! Amazing results.
CHAIDEELOVE (1 month ago)
what was the roller set for?
PlainJaneDoe (1 month ago)
It is used in place of the blow dryer to straighten the hair. The less heat the better. Although, I prefer the curly look.
Geraldine Coleman (1 month ago)
What is that music?
Nesha Brown (1 month ago)
You and your work😍😍❤️
Hair styles By Eden (1 month ago)
Jazzerlat45 (1 month ago)
Awe, no one seems to just want the roller set look 😞Anyhow, I like how shiny her hair is. Her hair looks so healthy after the finished results.
Wendy Mbuka (1 month ago)
How often can someone do this to their hair? My hair is very kinky type 4c hair and i'm thinking of doing it once every month, is it possible ?
Wendy Mbuka (1 month ago)
+Hair styles By Eden Thank you.
Hair styles By Eden (1 month ago)
Once a month is perfect ❤️
Laya (1 month ago)
Wendy Mbuka Yes I’ve been trying to find a video of her doing 4C but I haven’t seen her do a person with hair as thick as mine yet. I think maybe it’s too thick for this style
Siren Of The Marsh (1 month ago)
Cuál es la mejor marca de plancha para cabello afro?
Kayla (29 days ago)
BabyBliss Pro porque sus planchas tienen placas de titanio que no danan el cabello :)
AugustLady77 (1 month ago)
I love that detangler brush you use, it literally glides through all hair textures. Love your work every time!
Sylvia Williams (14 days ago)
Hair styles By Eden where can this brush be purchased. Will you put brush on your website or put in profile. Pretty please!!
Hair styles By Eden (1 month ago)
Thank u ❤️
Ana Caroline Santos (1 month ago)
hairchique337 (1 month ago)
What is the average and drying time for the roller set on natural hair?
Hair styles By Eden (1 month ago)
One hour ❤️
Aa Aa (1 month ago)
Pleas what she put i dont understand pleas
Justice M (1 month ago)
Aa Aa it’s in the description love
SidneeSpeaks (1 month ago)
And is the roller set just a mechanism for drying the hair without brushing?
Hair styles By Eden (1 month ago)
Yes the rollers keep the moisture in the hair and it breaks down the curls for me with our Direct heat!
veronika martinez (1 month ago)
It's to apply less heat, it straightens it a bit
lashermanasmora (1 month ago)
SidneeSpeaks less damaged to the hair , instead of just blow drying and then ironing applying tons of heat
SidneeSpeaks (1 month ago)
What kinds of products to you apply to the hair when installing the rollers?
Hair styles By Eden (1 month ago)
Just water and heat protection
SidneeSpeaks (1 month ago)
Thank you
Al Wa (1 month ago)
SidneeSpeaks i wathed a lot of her videos and she either uses only water or styling lotion.
Deborah Blackshear (1 month ago)
Just Beautiful. Love it. The shine.
sweetangiegirl1 (1 month ago)
That music!!! Oh, her hair is gorgeous, too.
Keiona Person (1 month ago)
I always love the way your client’s hair looks juicy after you’ve washed it thoroughly 👍🏽👌🏽❤️
angel wings (1 month ago)
Out of this world beautiful and the shine oh my she has gorgeous hair and you do amazing styles
Jay Alexander (1 month ago)
What brand are those rollers?
Heather Gooden-Pope (17 days ago)
How can I get a set of the rollers?
Hair styles By Eden (1 month ago)
No brand imported from ETHIOPIA
Yulia Nafisovna (1 month ago)
У их этак роскошной поблескивают волосы ,прям нагледется не могу
Simone Lauren (1 month ago)
Just wondering where you’re from and if you have the same hair texture 🙂
K B (1 month ago)
Love it. Gorgeous as usual!
sweetfm2008 (1 month ago)
Maaloul Mariem (1 month ago)
Cjwuhfdj Fisvtjxjh (1 month ago)
Всё прекрасно! Хочу такие прямые волосы 👍👍👍.

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