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MusicAnalyst Reactions (4 months ago)
A cosy song. Beautiful and deep.
Belinda Melville (26 days ago)
Dee V (1 month ago)
"Wistful" comes to mind ~sigh~
Nancy Angus (12 days ago)
So beautiful, so sad. Wish you were still here just show the world what real talent is
Carmen Vega (18 days ago)
Every time I listen to this I burst into tears I get so emotional I just weep.
Soph H (1 month ago)
The day of his anniversary, I happened to have a music channel playing on my tv, just as background sound while I was doing some work for college. Then this song came on, I just stopped and dropped what I was doing and just watched and listened
scooby Doo (1 month ago)
....Forever Freddie...❤❤❤
paola geraci (1 month ago)
I cry too man every time I listen to this song...Freddie was such a great singer a great man i miss him so much!!!
paola geraci (1 month ago)
Composing such a song celebrating nature with joy just before dying...it makes me cry i love u freddie
MusicAnalyst Reactions (1 month ago)
Because he was the god of music!
Belinda Melville (2 months ago)
10 from me 😰😰😰
Emma Bauer (2 months ago)
He would've been bored with that life in the past. Great song to see him appreciating those moments at the end.
MusicAnalyst Reactions (2 months ago)
For sure. I guess tho we all realize that life is more than partying and all that when we get older too. But in his case it was both age and the disease. Very beautiful and deep song this is.
Barbara Saracini (2 months ago)
I thought his voice sounded wonderful, but it made me very sad.
MusicAnalyst Reactions (2 months ago)
Offcourse , i think so too but it sounds as if its a little sick to me. Still amazing.
GinMae (2 months ago)
A little teary myself.. but also a little nitpick - at the end "Mountains are zooming higher.. little Doves (not little GIRLS) scream and cry" :)
MusicAnalyst Reactions (2 months ago)
Check it out for yourself : It's winter-fall Read skies are gleaming, oh Sea-gulls are flyin' over Swans are floatin' by Smoking chimney-tops Am I dreaming Am I dreaming? The nights draw in There's a silky moon up in the sky, yeah Children are fantasizing Grown-ups are standin' by What a super feeling Am I dreaming Am I dreaming? Woh-woh-woh-woh So quiet and peaceful (Dreaming) Tranquil and blissful (Dreaming) There's a kind of magic in the air (Dreaming) What a truly magnificent view (Dreaming) A breathtaking scene With the dreams of the world In the palm of your hand A cozy fireside chat (Dreaming) A little this, a little that (Dreaming) Sound of merry laughter skippin' by (Dreaming) Gentle rain beatin' on my face (Dreaming) What an extraordinary place! And the dream of the child Is the hope of the, hope of the man It's all so beautiful Like a landscape painting in the sky, yeah Mountains are zoomin' higher, uh Little girls scream an' cry My world is spinnin' and spinnin' and spinnin' It's unbelievable Sends me reeling Am I dreaming Am I dreaming? Oooh, it's bliss
Nina Arend (3 months ago)
You are correct, this was the last song he recorded. Most Queen fans think it's Mother Love because Brian had to finish it. But I've been several times to the Queen Mountain Studio's, and the recoding technician - David Richards - who later took over the studio told me his last recording was in fact A Winter's Tale. (not my opinion, that's what David told me )
GinMae (2 months ago)
I don't think he sounds "sick" - I think he's falling back a bit more on his natural voice - which most people don't realize was BARITONE... still, you can hear a bit of strain.... that rasp... which he used sparingly in most efforts...
MusicAnalyst Reactions (3 months ago)
Really?? Interesting.... It does make sense though.. Because ive always thought his voice sounded a sick in this one, although BRILLIANT still. Thanks for that info. That was great. I think Brian remembers it wrong or something. But yea, it makes much more sense because in Mother love his voice sounds fine but here it sounds sick for sure.
bullls eye (3 months ago)
such a lovely and most heart felt song.
celt67 (4 months ago)
This song is an audio christmas card. I can see every scene he's painting with his voice.
James Barnes (3 months ago)
Close your eyes and you are there
Thomas Atteck (4 months ago)
Your right, this is a beautifully crafted song and beautifully sung by Freddie. I'd never heard this song before, what (another) classic from the legend that is Queen.
Jan Slowhand (4 months ago)
This was the last song he wrote.Mother Love was the last song he sang.
MusicAnalyst Reactions (4 months ago)
Yea thats right. I forget in which order it was but you reminded me , thanks!

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