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My Deep Conditioning Routine | Get Rid of Dry Hair!

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How I deep condition my relaxed hair when I feel it's too dry or just needs a bit of TLC and moisture to restore and strengthen my hair. I wanted to deep condition my hair before getting my fulani braids. This is the same technique I use to condition my relaxed hair in between wearing wigs and when I've been swimming a lot during summer. FIRST VIDEO SINCE WE'VE MADE IT TO 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT ALONG THE WAY. I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE WE'VE REACHED THIS MILESTONE. YOU ALL ARE INCREDIBLE. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I N S T A G R A M: @allofdestiny T W I T T E R: @allofdestiny ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRODUCTS USED: CANTU DEEP TREATMENT MASQUE TURBIE TWIST Laila Ali soft Bonnet Dryer Clips, Shower Comb Gold Conditioning Cap *C O U P O N C O D E S & L I N KS* (affiliate links are marked with a *) **Head & Shoulders Dandruff Solution Products Used (can be purchased at Walgreens): Shampoo – https://goo.gl/dIaI7L Leave-On Treatment – https://goo.gl/Q4DZF4 **SMILE BRILLIANT WHITENING KIT To get the EXACT teeth whitening kit that I used be sure to Follow the link below!" http://www.smilebrilliant.com/product/teeth-whitening-trays#yt43651 5% Discount Code: allofdestiny ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEND ME SOMETHING: Drop It In The Mail, allofdestiny Will Tell: Destiny Chalmers P.O. Box 280233 Memphis TN 38168 Thank you for watching my youtube channel. My name is Destiny Chalmers and often known on youtube as allofdestiny. I give haircare and beauty tips, easy makeup techniques for the everyday woman, lifestyle and college vlogs and reviews on all things haircare, skincare, and lifestyle related. If you’re looking to pick up tips and tricks to care for your own hair or design your own nails, then I really hope you find this channel useful. I give beauty techniques on all things hair, nails, DIY and more that I hope will change the way you view your personal beauty style and make it a more fun and easy process. allofdestiny NOT SPONSORED!
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Text Comments (166)
Jaili e (6 months ago)
Yo.... when I say FRIED! I mean FRIED!!!
Ayaan Ghedi (7 months ago)
Your hair looks likw dogs hair when you relax it so why do you want to relax oh i know you just want to look like your european counter part
Chriselle Rodgers (9 months ago)
You look like a cute little baby in the thumbnail
Danielle Dallas (11 months ago)
Hi Destiny, Can you please tell me the brand of your hair dryer with the bonnet?
Jaliha Simaha (1 year ago)
stop relaxing\ your hair ... its too bad
Luv Nest (1 year ago)
Thkz all of destiny vevo
Myiesha Johnson (1 year ago)
How u got ur hair grow like that length 😍
Jasmin Vidal (1 year ago)
Where did you get the machine at? I've been looking for something like it.
Stephanie Velez (1 year ago)
These portable dryers work amazingly well on my hair, but my main issue with them is when I deep condition with oil (which works best on my hair) over time the oil has gotten on my soft hooded cap (even bought I wear a disposable shower cap as a barrier between my hair and the soft cap. This has caused my soft cap to eventually crinkle, crack and completely break. Does anyone know how I can purchase solely the soft cap?? I'm dying without it! 😭
Queen Sym (1 year ago)
I used to use that deep conditioner but I don’t like it anymore... now I use Queen Helene’s Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream.
highkick AJ (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing. You have a great channel as I relax my hair also. I see you use a cantu deep conditioner, I just bought 1 of theirs. I've never actually deep conditioned lol (my hair is a hassle to wash and dry, so I'm really lazy and let the salon do it when I can lol) anyways instead of boring you, just wanted to know do wash the deep conditioner out always or leave it in and let it dry?
Itstoyaworld (1 year ago)
Great video
Aaliyah Jones (1 year ago)
I use the silicon mix line and girl it works wonders
Relax With Ti (1 year ago)
Those braids!! 🙌🏽❤️ I have been watching you and your hair videos for YEARS but I never created a channel! 😔 I'm glad to finally be able to say hey back! 😘🤗
Nicole Campbell (1 year ago)
Hi destiny..does the hair dryer works well on roller set also?
Cellina Browder (1 year ago)
Imma need y'all to show nothing but love to Destiny. Her hair HAS bounced back. As a relaxed hair girl myself you just have to own it and Destiny is doing a great of job doing that. Relaxed or not, your hair can still be healthy. 🤗💅
Chocolate Capricorn (1 year ago)
What's up with the obsession for hair length in the comment section, sheesh! TFS!
Lexi Maria (1 year ago)
U should make a video on natural hair nazis and explaining why u won't go natural❤️❤️
Lisa Santos (1 year ago)
Destiny your hair grows fast I need check out my growth
Torri LaTrece (1 year ago)
I love your braids!!
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
Torri LaTrece thanks torri!
Peachesca (1 year ago)
girl i just started deep conditioning my hair and i'm so happy it stays moisturized!
Tania (1 year ago)
Love the braids
Lakeitha Clingmon (1 year ago)
What is the dryer you use to dry your hair?
Bridgette Queen (1 year ago)
Your hair seems stagnant. I just saw your relaxer day vid from a year ago and no progress.
Tania (1 year ago)
B Queen She had a setback from a vinegar treatment and had to cut some off I believe.
BEONCA CRAIG (1 year ago)
Yess your hair is growing keep your protective style up Destiny ❤
simply shaida (1 year ago)
Love the braids on you.
Shellyann McCarthy (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing
Sondra Leuellyn (1 year ago)
Beautiful congrats on all your success thanks for videos.
Kelsey Parrilla (1 year ago)
Love the braids 😍
JenJellyBean024 (1 year ago)
Congrats on 100K Density! 🎉🎊
jessica barnes (1 year ago)
You should go natural!!
Christiana Masango (1 year ago)
osimeon00 (1 year ago)
Bye chick!! Natural Nazis are not wanted here!
AllThingsTonia (1 year ago)
Braids on fleeek . 😍
Bimmerbabe (1 year ago)
Yesss I need too see the braids! Super cute
Bertha Woods (1 year ago)
Cool I'm on my 15 week its not not bad I'm not planning on going natural just hadn't had time but haven't fun at it
Amanda JE (1 year ago)
yea it can take me a while sometimes also (even just washing lol), and can get annoying when there's strands in my comb but we're working on it ;) just relaxed my hair 2 weeks ago after bout 3/4 months in braids My hair dresser says every 6 weeks but I don't think theres a time limit to relaxing
AbsoluteMdot (1 year ago)
Love your videos!!! It's so refreshing to see relaxer hair journey videos! The natural hair ladies try to bully us be we aint having it!!
Amanda JE (1 year ago)
so true! I practically got the most hideous look from a friend when I decided not to go natural. Check my thick roots and the growth speed then you'll see lol
Destiny Johnson (1 year ago)
I Love your hair this would be a good look for me starting the new college life. :D I'm a big fan I may have to steal this hairstyle :) the struggle is real right now.
Bertha Woods (1 year ago)
How long has it been since u had a relaxer
Andreisha McClain (1 year ago)
Bertha Woods 11 weeks
cupcakelol36 (1 year ago)
Are u going back natural?
Lakia Keely (1 year ago)
I have that dryer. I love it.
Latisha Smith (1 year ago)
Lakia Keely yes ma'am 😂😂😂😂😂....thank you
Lakia Keely (1 year ago)
Hot ears are a thing of the past.
Lakia Keely (1 year ago)
Latisha Smith Wal-Mart It's on sale now for $30. I think I paid $40.
Latisha Smith (1 year ago)
Lakia Keely where'd you get it please???
boonyie gang (1 year ago)
hey yall this is allofdestiny...that's my favorite part lol
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
boonyie gang awww thanks 💖
weedabananadog (1 year ago)
You're so pretty and love your accent!
The glow ,the hair naturally done make up yessssssss 🙌❤
Endia B (1 year ago)
I love your braids Destiny. Work it!!
Jamie Haprer (1 year ago)
Congrads on 100k I been watching you since 2014!!
gigglyfitzgirl (1 year ago)
But them BRAIDS though 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
J D'ALEXANDREA (1 year ago)
Those braids 😍
tivia joseph (1 year ago)
claws is my favorite show too girl!! who's your favorite character?
Pamela Gordon (1 year ago)
love your braids
Hello World (1 year ago)
Congrats on your 100,000 subs! 🎉 It is well earned. Love you girl!
Ashley Got The Juice (1 year ago)
The braidsssssss.... Sooo pretty!!! 😍😍
Tyiece (1 year ago)
You look so good! I love CLAWS too haha, so good. Congrats on 100k
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
Tyiece thanks so much girl💖
Williestyle7 (1 year ago)
allofdestiny I really enjoy watching your videos! Great information young lady! Keep them coming. I'm a subbie for life :)
sweetfm2008 (1 year ago)
Congratulations 💯🎉🎉🎉🎉
Mellonee Edgeston (1 year ago)
Cute hairstyle 💁
Meka moohoo (1 year ago)
Shuga momma..can we get a 360 on those braids
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
Meka moohoo braids tutorial is now posted check it out
Shay Hearts (1 year ago)
Congrats on your 100,000 subs!!! Love your videos and love you too!!
itzsteph (1 year ago)
OMG gurlll I love this hairstyle!!!! So cute!!!!!!
Ally B (1 year ago)
Those braids are sharp!!! So pretty!
Soulflwr1 (1 year ago)
#TeamRelaxed 😊 And DC really helps manage new growth when u r stretching. Love the braids. 🌻
Sharita Richardson (1 year ago)
Your hair has bounced back.
jacksontabasco (1 year ago)
100K! Congrats!
Versatile Female (1 year ago)
my professional tip is to put that much on your ends because they're the most driest & oldest part of your hair. You take care of yourself internally so your roots don't need that much.
Versatile Female (1 year ago)
L0v3ly1881 it's ok because I don't stoop down to a child's level. she just don't know when she rudely called me a bitch on one of my old videos, she gave me a lot of exposure and put money in my pockets. people like her will forever block their blessings and forever bless others. So let the bird peck while this eagle fly high.
L0v3ly1881 (1 year ago)
Kelly Moten why are you being so mean she was just trying to help
Kelly Moten (1 year ago)
osimeon00 Right I am 15 and I have better grammar and spelling
osimeon00 (1 year ago)
@Kelly Moten, ikr. And she can barely spell but apparently is a teacher. Smh.
Kelly Moten (1 year ago)
Nat Rowe yeah it's funny because it's true
Meggs (1 year ago)
Oooh I watch clawz too lol
Suphane Dash (1 year ago)
I that box braid hairstyle
Latonya Jett-Rodgers (1 year ago)
Love the braids!!!
Trudy Pickett (1 year ago)
Wow wow wow Congrat on your 100k god bless
Antonette Edwards (1 year ago)
Them braids thou😍😍
viv pear (1 year ago)
most impactful portion of this video... "some of my clips are missing" Chile....I thought I was the only one w those problems. Cute braided style @allodestiny.
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
viv pear they always end up just gone. Hair pins too it's like, I had so many of em at first.😂
Charlene Henry (1 year ago)
Love the braids did u do them urself or by a professional?
Marsh (1 year ago)
Congrats on 100k subscribers!!
Tonja manigo (1 year ago)
I deep condition under a hooded dryer for about 45 mins every other week. If I don't use heat product usually just sits on top of my head instead of absorbing into my hair. I love deep conditioning. Makes me feel like I'm at the spa Lol!! Your braids are so cute!! Congrats on hitting 100 grand!! Lol
Shante Griffin (1 year ago)
Destiny is pretty much using the perming method to use the leave in conditioning.
jacpppp (1 year ago)
When I hear you speak I just want to repeat those "bubblegum" lyrics by Rashida ha. I love your voice so much
Meagan Seymone (1 year ago)
These braids are soooooo cute!! Lately I've been doing a pre-poo with this random deep conditioner I had from Alikay Naturals. Then I wash with my shampoo I made from African black soap and some oils, then I use Aussie moist conditioner and then the 3 minute miracle
Do you apply normal conditioner after the shampoo, or just go straight to the hair mask? Ily!
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
Lindsay Renay since I used a hair mask in this video I chose not to use a conditioner after my shampoo .
buttrpecan9 (1 year ago)
Lindsay Renay I usually use a conditioner with a lot of slip after shampooing so I can thoroughly detangle. Currently I use Aussie moist and its helps provide the slip I need. After detangling, I rinse and follow up with the deep conditioner. Everyone has their own preference. 😊
Jazxs (1 year ago)
Cantu dont work for my hair 🤔 I've tried numerous products and they've made my hair so dry
Sw33tSparkl3 (1 year ago)
Very pretty! Thanks for sharing girly
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
Sw33tSparkl3 hey!!. thanks so much girl. 💖
Tierra J Beauty (1 year ago)
Ayeeee congrats on 100k Destiny!!!! 🎈👑🎁🎂🎉 love your braids and your hair is growing so nicely 😍❤️ if you have time to respond I have a couple questions about your dryer. I'm looking into purchasing a bonnet dryer: is that particular one really loud? And does it distribute the heat evenly all over?
Plush Furr (1 year ago)
Its stil growing. Yesss qween👑
Plush Furr (1 year ago)
Ur braids r bomb destiny😍😍😍luvit. So gorgeous.😍
Tisha Curtis (1 year ago)
I love the braids
Mo Love (1 year ago)
I used the same product for deep conditioning last week. It made my hair really HARD. I put a cap on and applied heat (sit under dryer). I am natural and naturally curly. I will never use cantu again and thanks to (OGX coconut curly conditioning) it brought my hair back to life and soft! Nice braids btw😘😘!! Congrats 100k🎉🎉
Ivey Morrison (1 year ago)
Love the braids! I got box braids and such a relief from doing my hair. Congrats on 100k subs!
CDB 052413 (1 year ago)
Congrates on a 100k👏👏🤘🖒🎓🎉🎈🎉🎉
fishar40 (1 year ago)
Congratulations! I've been subscribed since you were at 14k.
mia (1 year ago)
do you plan on doing a big chop?
Ms.Sheeka (1 year ago)
You did it 100k 😍😘😍🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
lipglosslover09 (1 year ago)
Congratulations on 100k girl!
AlannaBoo524 (1 year ago)
You look 18! Black don't crack, hon-tey!
Zaria Lewis (1 year ago)
AlannaBoo524 how old is she
Jim Halpert (1 year ago)
ROSAURA Rosa (1 year ago)
Go natural!! Being natural allows you to have the best of both worlds, straight when you want it and curly by just putting water!❤❤you can transition with braids and wigs too! I think ur curl pattern is so beautiful and just image how it would look fully natural. This is just MY suggestion after all it's YOUR hair and u have the right to do whatever you want❤❤💓
Barbara Bowen (1 year ago)
Everybody can't go natural. It's not for everybody. Some people don't know how to take care of natural hair. It's more to it than relaxed hair.
Lakeisha Griffin (1 year ago)
yayyy congrats hun love you so much and loving the hair
Latisha Mitchell (1 year ago)
It's_LJ2You (1 year ago)
Congrats on 100k🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Pansy Pitts (1 year ago)
Congratulations with 100k your hair look beautiful
Mimose (1 year ago)
You have a BEAUTIFUL curl pattern.. Your hair would be absolutely gorgeous if you went natural!! 😊
Sha'Wanda Franklin (1 year ago)
can you do a video on how to grow your nails long. and do before and after
Nay Newell (1 year ago)
Girl claws is my show!!!
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
Nay Newell yesss. My fav right now.!
Amber Brown (1 year ago)
You are so pretty! Love ur videos!
Stars Aligned (1 year ago)
Are you going on transitioning journey? 😊😊😊😊

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