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Tousled Waves | Hair Tutorial

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Text Comments (225)
Sumaira Doll (8 months ago)
Wow u r looking awesome gorgeous lv🤗🤗
Erika Marie Mata (1 year ago)
@daceycash Is your hair one solid color? Love it 😍 right now I’m in the process of growing out my hair...and is it easy to curl with a curling wand ? I’m in between buying that or a curling iron ? Any tips on your out your hair? I really want my hair as long as yours so badly.
Can you please do a makeup tutorial on what you have on in this video?
just Yana (2 years ago)
this is my favourite curl so far.I love all your tutorials on wavy hair. love from Malaysia <3 pls let us know how you have so healthy hair
L A R A (2 years ago)
Your tutorials are fabulous, girl! So short and yet informative! Fab! Love them!
Saloni (2 years ago)
at what temperature was the curling iron?
Elizabeth Alvarez (2 years ago)
your so pretty and i loved your hair
Camille Mercado (2 years ago)
Elizabeth Alvarez You're
Renee Martinez (3 years ago)
What camera do u use ?(:
Guizar Productions (3 years ago)
why are you so fucking pretty whhhyyyy
Karen (3 years ago)
Lip color please? :)
Angela O. (3 years ago)
Gorg hair!
Ho Ryan (3 years ago)
I like the song. What is the title of this song?
Lizbeth Lopez (3 years ago)
where is your watch from?
Anne Cuthers (3 years ago)
How were u curling ur hair OUTSIDE?
Dacey Cash (3 years ago)
+Anne Cuthers Using the outside outlet
Brad Mondo (3 years ago)
very pretty!
KimBAHly (3 years ago)
Just discovered your channel and I'm like in love with you LOL. I reallllllly love your videos! Keep it up! :D
Kirsty Hardman (4 years ago)
You're gorgeous! and I love the hair tutorial :-)
Sommany Maize (4 years ago)
Can you do a routine, if you have one, of how you would do second day curls, like how would you sleep with it and later style it again? Ok thank you.... Oh and btw I love your videos! And you're super gorgeous 😍You're like my fave now😁💁 oh one more question sorry but what's your nationality? Random😜.. But yah super curious
aributeragrandes (4 years ago)
Hair goals 😍
Alina à la Mode (4 years ago)
I'm envious of your hair!!! gorgeous <3
Unicorn Fart (4 years ago)
Are you, like, half Filipino?? Or like you have a Filipino blood?? (Just askin' :D)
Megan Szeto (4 years ago)
You are so gorgeous, new fave youtuber!
Lauren Aldrich (4 years ago)
I need that hair color what do you useee?😘😘
Harolyn Ceballos (4 years ago)
What lipstick are u wearing?
Mariela Murillo (4 years ago)
What Color Is Your Hair ?(:
Thalia Gonzalez (4 years ago)
you're so beautiful, like a Goddess <3
Ashley Panganiban (4 years ago)
Did you get your hair color done by yourself or at a salon (if so, what color did you ask for?)  
sarah (3 years ago)
+daceyhapa which hair dye is it?
Makeovers By Lauren (3 years ago)
+daceyhapa what color is this? Brand? Gorgeous
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+Ashley P I color it myself! 
Michelle Alegria (4 years ago)
Thanks for the great tips!
Julia Lim (4 years ago)
you're so gorgeous and your tutorials are so helpful! mind if I ask what watch you're wearing? it looks so pretty! (:
lavndrbunnychocolate (4 years ago)
How often do you use heat on your hair?
Samantha MUÑOZ (4 years ago)
Is that your original color in the hair i mean..
simply.s (4 years ago)
what lip colour?
Pink Lady (4 years ago)
Beautiful girl! I love this video
eglog07 (4 years ago)
heeyyy your hair color so cool. What is your name?
eglog07 (4 years ago)
sorry what is your hair color name?
Gwen (4 years ago)
andrea Lugo (4 years ago)
you're so beautiful !! 😭😭😭❤️
Veroniki M. (4 years ago)
Which number colour and product you use to dye your hair?
mywifey64 (4 years ago)
How long will the Goblins code be working?
Alma Eriksson (4 years ago)
Stunning!! Your hair.. omg <3
Karen Sotelo (4 years ago)
Make a Demi Lovato look! You look just like her
Sarah De Leon (4 years ago)
What color is on your lips? Its beautiful!
Renee Nicole (4 years ago)
your teeth are so white! I can't wait to get my braces off.
Karina Cejas (4 years ago)
Miss your vlogs!
Kayla Lopez (4 years ago)
What do you use to edit your videos? 😊
Jazmyn Fakhri (4 years ago)
I want your colour Which hair dye do u use?
ydemi (4 years ago)
what size was the barrel?
Janet Chantel (4 years ago)
Your Gorgeous! Love your videos!!
Nurhilal Koç (4 years ago)
I wanna hair like yours !!
jaylolz (4 years ago)
Always slayingg the game with your tutorials, love it!
Vishana R (4 years ago)
what color is your hair, i love it :) please tell me!!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+Vishana R Chocolate brown 
nicoleali15 (4 years ago)
you always have the best hair tutorials! Love this look! :)
Alexandra Son (4 years ago)
I found your channel two days ago and I finished watching all your videos :D You are gorgeous and I'm so glad to find a mixed Asian YouTuber! Thanks for your amazing channel :)
Rosa Rivas (4 years ago)
So cute!! Where did you get your watch?
Oldi Ool (4 years ago)
gabbie (4 years ago)
yay! i love it when you post hair tutorials xo
yannara lamas (4 years ago)
Goshhhhhh your so beautiful, why am i barely finding your channel, im in love!
aileen ramos (4 years ago)
You are SO STUNNING!!! 
Charsdiy (4 years ago)
The end result looks gorgeous!
Ashley C (4 years ago)
What color is your hair ?
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Chocolate brown
Mary Chan (4 years ago)
you are soooooooo cute
Maja Smiljkovic (4 years ago)
Hey girl you look absolutely gorgeous! What camera do you use? :)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Not yet - still saving up for one
Maja Smiljkovic (4 years ago)
Do you use specific lenses? 
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Canon T3i 
Nani (4 years ago)
Wish you had more videos I already watched all of them D:
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
More coming soon! ;) 
Carolina Swanson (4 years ago)
Your skin is FLAWLESSS and that hair! Gorg!!!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thanks Carolina!!! xo 
Minda (4 years ago)
Please do a vlog compilation! Miss your vlogs so much!! Your fun unique personality really shows in those! Love ya girl! xoxo
McKenzie Mann (4 years ago)
Sam Sarasvati (4 years ago)
i love goldroom!!! i actually saw him live on august hehe x
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
I'm jealouzzzz! That's so cool! 
Emily Bernal (4 years ago)
What color in the Argan oil hair dye do you use?! Good video btw!!
Emily Bernal (4 years ago)
Thanks for replying! Your hair looks beautiful and I was curious. :)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+Emily Bernal I don't remember!! I just mixed one with a gold undertone and then one with a red undertone 
Gianna Edwards (4 years ago)
Your so pretty! Love your hair curling techniques!! And congrats on your subscribers!!!🎉🎉
Camille Mercado (2 years ago)
Gianna Edwards You're ffs
KimberlyLee (4 years ago)
I literally can't stop watching your videos! Like always, you're stunning Dacey! 💗
RiaArena (4 years ago)
Everything's so gorgeous about you dacey! I love ur videos <3
Yen Tran (4 years ago)
What hairdye do you use? So in love with your hair!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+Uyen Tran Last time I colored my hair I used Argan Oil from Sally Beauty supply! 
Meryam (4 years ago)
I love that you upload regularly! Thanks for another perf video 😊
Shirley Kwan (4 years ago)
hair goals! 
Tasha Nicole (4 years ago)
dacey you are so pretty! loved how the hair turned out and congrats on 30,000 subscribers!! 💖💋
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+Tasha Nicole Thank you so much I'm really excited! 
Kaye (4 years ago)
I just found you! Much love from the Philippines <3
Noor Kaler (4 years ago)
ily ur so pretty
kardashian heart (4 years ago)
Do you have a fitness routine??
Alex Rajao (4 years ago)
I just had to tell you that I love the names of your discount codes. Happyhapa and goblins...amazing.
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+Alex Raj Haha thanks! 
Jay Garcia (4 years ago)
Ugh your so pretty 😩👍👍 Love the lipstick btw , we're is it from ?
Christine (4 years ago)
What do you have on your lips?!
Nisa Chanel (4 years ago)
love it
TheUglyTruth (4 years ago)
Hopefully you're old enough & tall enough.... cause one day you're gonna be a Victoria's secret angel girl. You have that angel runway look down naturally.... I get SO jealous watching your videos... What I'd give to look like you -.- <3 xo
candice (4 years ago)
Haha so true tho
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+TheUglyTruth Aw thank you, you're so sweet! x 
Shannon Fox (4 years ago)
So beautiful!
Gabriela Saki (4 years ago)
You have beutiful hair (so are you :)) ) how long did it grow to this length? :) I love your videos btw :)
Gabriela Saki (4 years ago)
Aa, I can't believe you answered. Aww 😊😊😊 thanks so much 😍
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+Gabrielle Saki It took me about 2 years to get it this long after being cut into a short bob! I keep it trimmed so that it doesn't really go too far past this length otherwise it will be really heavy. 
Irem Akbulut (4 years ago)
Your hair tutorials are ALWAYS on point xx P.s Love youuu
Sian Elizabeth (4 years ago)
This is GORGEOUS and I love your eye shape! I have hooded eyes (one more so than the other) and it's cool to see youtubers who don't have huge round eyes but still have flawless makeup :) great video
allthatglitters (4 years ago)
Dacey can you do a fall inspired lookbook or just otd-s?😊 btw girl you're just flawless😍
MissLucyinthesky 17 (4 years ago)
How many inches is the curling iron you use in this video ?
Burcussmz (4 years ago)
Çok güzel oldu ;)
bexclassy (4 years ago)
You're so pretty! 💕 Which hair-dye are you using for your hair?
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+bexclassy Last time I used Argan Oil from Sally's Beauty Supply! 
Pinking 03 (4 years ago)
Your hair is soo pretty!
Keepsmileee (4 years ago)
I think you are one of the most beautiful girls i saw on youtube. And you are making just amazing videos. Just perfect <3
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+Keepsmileee Aw, thank you so much! 
Carla K (4 years ago)
Love, love, love your hair!! :) You are gorgeous!
JohannaJazminn (4 years ago)
Can i please look like you? you are so gorgeous! i love your videos! :)
Maria Hak (4 years ago)
Literally flawless 🙌 I never really use hairspray either when I curl it. It just feels more touchable and soft :)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+Maria Bethany Thank you! I don't wear hairspray because then I have to wash it too much haha 
Kornelia Łysik (4 years ago)
what is your hair color?:(
bootiful chimmy (4 years ago)
I love this tutorial!! You're so gorgeous! 😍 filipina pride here :))))) btw your my new fave!! new subbie here xx
Danielle (4 years ago)
You're so pretty 😭💕💕
gsss17 (4 years ago)
I seriously LOVE your hair! thr colour is so nice! could you please do a hair care routine video if you haven't already done it?
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+gsss17 I will be making one very soon! 
Rosa H (4 years ago)
Pretty as always and good job on 30,000 subscribers girl !!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
+Rosa Hernandez Thank you! I'm so excited! 

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