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The brand new Monkey Lord Forum - Walkthrough

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The brand new Monkey Lord Forum - Walkthrough Monkey Lord Forum: http://forum.monkeylord.co.uk Monkey Lord Store: http://store.monkeylord.co.uk Place yourself on the Monkey Lord Minion Map: http://map.monkeylord.co.uk Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/themonkeylord Facebook: http://facebook.monkeylord.co.uk
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Text Comments (16)
ben palmer (8 years ago)
Skwisgaar skwigelf killing a dragon @ 3:38
stymye (8 years ago)
.can you block people from quoting the last thread just posted ? or simply teach them to use the >reply< button ?
Adam Ironside (8 years ago)
Get offa ma profile boy! Haha. Good video man, a useful overview.
Joel B (8 years ago)
@Darfuria dont worry, i fixed it! thanks anyway, incase u wanted to know its HolyDiver
Ricky Johnson (8 years ago)
is this rob talking? doesnt sound like him... new forum looks cool
Dan Davies (8 years ago)
@MeanGreenMovies What username did you sign up with?
Joel B (8 years ago)
i really need help. i signed up today but got my confirmation email wrong:( i dont know how to change it OR how to delete my account so i can start over:( sorry for my stupidity PLEEEEESE HELP!
Levi Skardsen (8 years ago)
Looks rather spiffy.
sonofkikkoman (8 years ago)
looks really good! going to sign up! seems like a really laid back forum :)
weemankyle (8 years ago)
you used cheat codes... you are logged in with 2 accounts so that means you can like everything your other account posted... thus accumulating illegitimate trophies.
Rekilo (8 years ago)
This website was very well done.
tollan23 (8 years ago)
@mean0machine0 Duuuuuuude! Do you "really" think that I was serious? *facepalm* LOL!!
Norseman (8 years ago)
some neat features there, but it looks like it's trying to be another facebook =P
tollan23 (8 years ago)
Rob, your voice has changed a bit... what happened? ;-)
Buzz In Lazerbeam (8 years ago)
I'm on the new Monkey Lord Forum. AND LOVING IT!!!
Hightscribe (8 years ago)
Looks nice :D

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