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Om Aroma & Co: If your business plan isn't working, change it

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Angela Jia Kim of Om Aroma on changing your business plan based on your customers' needs.
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RESTAURANT (4 years ago)
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E Brian Rose (5 years ago)
This is a great video that shows how important it is to listen to your clients.
Ash Green (5 years ago)
I jut would like to come over here and say thank you since my term assignment/mini-business plan for my entrepreneurship class I ported Om Aroma & Co.'s business model to Shanghai. It got 85/100. It's not an A so I put shame on my Asian ancestry but regardless, thank you!
michael ifft (5 years ago)
do you sale this on the internet..Angela..?? as i will never make it too NY.. i will do before and after pic for.. ya
Angela Jia Kim (5 years ago)
Thanks so much!! xx
Launch Grow Joy (5 years ago)
What an inspiring video, Angela!

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